Without a smart social media marketing strategy, you're just tweeting in the dark! We offer free evaluations on the status of your current social media campaign, or what you need if you haven't started yet. Fill out the questionnaire below for a free 15 minute strategy consultation.

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1. What is your top priority/goal for a social media marketing presence? Second priority and third? (such as "get the greatest number of followers I can", "target new customers", "branding", "attract traffic to website", etc.)

2. What is the demographic you are most seeking? Second most important?

3. What geographical location(s) do you want to target (or is your business nationwide)? If you have more than one store or location, do you want each branded separately or one main, complete brand representing all sites?

4. Do you have any blogs, articles, a business plan or statement of the vision for the business? If not, please include a short paragraph below on the overall vision, goals and "endgame plan!" Include an idea of the "personality" of the business, such as casual, fun, exciting, high-end, etc.

5. Do you have any videos you plan to use for marketing, or do you plan to create any in the future?

6. Do you have an email list started and if so how many are subscribed?

7. What is the ideal goal for the business as far as # of followers, # of Facebook Likers, etc? What time-frame would you like to see these goals achieved in?

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