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We specialize in social media for pain management, chiropractic and wellness clinics. If you are a multidisciplinary pain management clinic or franchise, we have the proven strategies, tested experience and understanding of your industry to accomplish any goal you have set out for your practice or franchise: competitive online growth, branding, increasing patients, social engagement with current patients, loyalty programs and referral programs.

See what we did for our last client, Pain Stop Clinics….

We started with one clinic in Phoenix in early 2013, and after increasing online visibility, creating programs and a social media strategy, they branched out to 6 clinics in October, 2013. Pain Stop Clinics started from 0 and by December, 2014 went to…

  • Facebook: Cumulative 6,200+ Likes between all Pain Stop Facebook pages with high engagement. For the pain management industry, this is a very high number and higher than any of the local competitors. This was organic growth that came directly from targeted local areas and resulted in high referrals and new potential patients filling out forms to be contacted by the clinic. The Facebook ads campaign was integral to the new patient and referral “funnel system.”
  • Twitter: 12,700 followers and high engagement. We got an average of 6,000 clicks to the Pain Stop website from Twitter alone! The number of followers is more than double any of the local competition, including the largest pain clinic franchise with more than twice the amount of clinics!
  • Youtube: A robust video blog and informative library of videos with over 39,000 views! We saw new patients coming in as a result of the Youtube campaign on a regular basis.
  • Blog: A weekly blog with informative and interesting content, written by our team, that created new likes, followers, shares, and most important new and referral patients. The blog content also kept the staff and the doctors informed so they could share new information and health tips with their patients…creating more patient loyalty!
  • Newsletter: A weekly newsletter with several thousand subscribers and an 18-20% open rate (10% is average)
  • Pinterest: We shared health and wellness, chiropractic, and pain tips on Pinterest that created great brand awareness, trust, direct clicks to the website and blogs, and ended up in a cumulative 4,162 followers.
  • Instagram: 1,050 followers and a great way to let current and potential patients get to know their Pain Stop staff, creating brand trust and top of mind marketing branding.
  • LinkedIn: 10,000+ personal connection for our doctors, with direct new patient contacts, as well as strategic relationships. We also gained hundreds of members in our individual clinic groups.
  • Major brand awareness and new patients from Yelp, Google maps/ads and Foursquare.
  • Patient referrals: Social media now accounts for 35% of all new patients across 7 clinics.

What would a 35% increase in patients do for your clinic or franchise?

What KISS Social Media does…

Like our name suggests, it’s pretty SIMPLE. We integrate Facebook, Twitter, videos/Youtube, your blog, newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and brand consistency throughout Yelp, Google Maps listings and more to create a robust online marketing program that is consistent, reflects YOUR brand, captures YOUR voice and reaches out to your patients, while creating a built-in funneling system to bring in new patients from a variety of sources. You can’t just do Google. You can’t just do Facebook. Instagram without a great Twitter following won’t do a thing for your practice. But utilizing all of these platforms together with an experienced strategist with yield major results….results you can measure.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with a KISS representative today! Email us or fill out our strategy questionnaire form below.


As the CEO of Pain Stop Clinics, I can personal attest to the fact that KISS Social Media was monumentally instrumental in helping our corporation create a successful brand, as well as grow our brand. The professionalism, knowledge and 100% dedication that KISS provided our company and corresponding clinics is priceless. Because of the efforts of KISS towards growing our business, we can easily say that roughly 25% of all of our current patients are because of their works and at the height of our campaign, 35% of all new incoming patients were due to their efforts. I truly believe that if you are trying to grow your business and brand in any way, shape or form, choosing KISS Social media is a 100% solid decision. You will not be disappointed.

Erin Waychoff, CEO – Pain Stop Clinics

“KISS Social Media has demonstrated the expertise, client management skills, and team mentality that has allowed us to trust our signature clients, CEOs of companies ranging from 5 million to 100 million in revenue.  Our clients expect results and Kiss Social Media meets or exceeds them on every occasion.”

Raoul Davis, CEO – Ascendant Group Marketing

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