About Us

Christina Forrester – CEO

Christina Forrester is a Social Media Consultant to celebrities, Fortune 500 business owners, and as the CEO of KISS Digital Services, is considered an authority on online marketing campaigns. She began working in the social media industry in 2005 and started her company in 2009, making her a forerunner in the Social Media marketing industry. She has taught social media at seminars and events across the country and developed a proprietary set of strategic techniques that can be used with any industry and to achieve any marketing goal. Her proprietary techniques  are what  made the social movement organization she founded a huge success, leading to a social media membership of over 30,000, a guest panelist invitation at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, an appearance on PBS, CNN Radio, a European Documentary and the release of an upcoming book.   Christina is also a musician, singer and songwriter and will be releasing her first album in early fall 2015.

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Jessica Forrester – President/Managing Partner75230_10153805961223838_3773643360467169096_n

Jessica Forrester is the President and Managing Partner of KISS Digital Services and has over 15 years’ experience in high business performance, non-profit work and social media and online marketing. She was the co-director of an organization that worked with the Australian Federal Government to re-skill the long-term unemployed and was successful in obtaining multi-million dollar federal grants. She also worked for seven years as a science researcher in the molecular biology field for research facilities at Arizona State University including The Biodesign Institute and became a published peer-reviewed journal writer multiple times. Since becoming the President and Managing Partner of KISS Social Media Marketing, she has consulted on numerous social media campaigns for celebrities, Fortune 500 business owners, major public figures worldwide and played a pivotal role in launching many success national campaigns.

Our Team

  • Our team has a background in  marketing, sales, management, organization building, ministry building, business management, marketing material creation, music production, marketing photography, and pop-culture and mainstream trends.
  • Because of the extensive and varied backgrounds, talents and experience this team brings to the table, we can offer businesses, artists, ministries and organizations a full-spectrum of services at reasonable, affordable and honest prices.
  • Besides social media, our web-designers have a creative eye for visual design, photos, reliable programming, SEO and expertise in all elements of web-creation.

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  • As the CEO of Pan Stop Clinics, I can personal attest to the fact that KISS Social Media was monumentally instrumental in helping our corporation create a successful brand, as well as grow our brand. The professionalism, knowledge and 100% dedication that KISS provided our company and corresponding clinics is priceless. Because of the efforts of KISS towards growing our business, we can easily say that roughly 25% of all of our current patients are because of her work and at the height of our campaign, 35% of all new incoming patients were due to her efforts. I truly believe that if you are trying to grow your business and brand in any way, shape or form, choosing KISS Social Media is a 100% solid decision. You will not be disappointed.
    Erin Waychoff, CEO – Pain Stop Clinics


  • KISS Social Media has demonstrated the expertise, client management skills, and team mentality that has allowed us to trust our signature clients, CEOs of companies ranging from 5 million to 100 million in revenue.  Our clients expect results and KISS Social Media meets or exceeds them on every occasion.
    Raoul Davis, CEO – Ascendant Group Branding


  • KISS Social Media has truly taken our Social Media platforms to the next level. They have been very professional and informative with the how’s and why’s of social media. We are becoming more established with out of the box marketing campaigns and strategies.  We’re very pleased with the outcome and are confident about our future online growth.
    September Dohrmann, CEO Space International


  • I am so happy to see the rate of growth on Twitter and YouTube since KISS Social Media began working on them. A surprise bonus is the increased traffic to my website and revenue growth because of what they are doing.  I can’t wait to see where we go from here!
    Sandra Dee Robinson, Actress and Founder of Charisma on Camera